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Anxiety and Depression

Nutritional Psychiatry is an exciting field that is growing in popularity worldwide and we are lucky to have a world class research facility at Deakin University providing exciting research outcomes in this area (The Food and Mood Centre).They have proved that mood is intimately linked with food, the gut, and the  immune system which highlight the fact that we need to see a person as a whole and not just specialise in one area. 

Who can we help? 

I love to work with teens and adults in this space. 

How can we Help? 

  • Custom dietary recommendations

  • Amino acid compounding specific to your needs

  • Lifestyle recommendations

  • Pathology recommendations


Before your initial appointment we will gather a 7 day food diary from you to assess your diet and see if you are getting enough essential nutrients to support your mood. If there are gaps, we can alter your diet or supplement if necessary. Some work on your gastrointestinal health may be needed as most of your “happy hormones” are produced in your gut. 

*Some may prefer an extended appointment given the complex nature of anxiety and depression. 

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