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(DNA Health Testing)

DNA testing is a great way to know how your genetics influence your health and the beauty is you only ever have to do it once as your DNA is one of a kind! 



  • How your hormones influence your weight and fitness goals

  • What your genes say about your athletic performance 

  • What diet best suits your genetic profile

  • How your body adapts to stress

  • How to optimise your energy levels

  • How your detox pathways are influenced by your genetics

  • Why stress affects your cognitive performance 


A myDNA Comprehensive Health Report will generate a report that is over 100 pages of health information unique to you. It includes a DNA based grocery list and a list of personalised blood work that you should keep an eye on over your lifetime. 

It usually takes about 4 weeks for your results to come in and is a non-invasive test that requires a cheek swab to gather your DNA. 

Knowledge is power and you can be equipped to make informed decisions about what is best for your body. If you would like to know more information please book a free chat. 

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