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Functional Nutritionist

Did you know facts

Did you know that functional nutritionist is one of the most holistic practitioners.

What is the condition?

A functional nutritionist takes the holistic approach to health and treatment. A functional nutritionist is a professional who takes a holistic approach to health, focusing on personalised dietary and lifestyle strategies to promote optimal wellness.



Eczema symptoms include dry, itchy, and inflamed skin, red or brownish-gray patches, thickened or scaly skin, small, raised bumps that may ooze, and skin that is sensitive and swollen from scratching. Symptoms can occur anywhere on the body and can vary in severity.



A functional nutritionist can treat you by identifying the root cause of your health concerns, developing a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, and incorporating functional testing to assess nutrient status, food sensitivities, and gut health. The goal is to optimise overall health and prevent chronic disease.


How can KYH Nutrition help?

KYH Nutrition takes on a similar approach to healing and creating treatment plans for every one of their clients.

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