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Start your healthy wedding journey now


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Congratulations to the happy couple


KYH Nutrition has got the month before your wedding covered. Follow along with our 4 weeks of nutritionist approved meal plans. 


These next four weeks can be overwhelming, stressful, busy and just full of excitement. It is VERY important to fuel your beautiful bodies with the correct nutrients in order to function, not just for the wedding but day to day. 


We are created this four week meal plan to ensure the happy couple are getting all the key nutrients they need to ensure they are feeling happy, healthy and confident for the big day. 


Enjoy the journey and thank you for choosing KYH Nutrition 

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Andrea Zapantis

Experienced Clinical Nutritionist based in Brighton.

About Andrea

From a young age, Andrea’s parents instilled the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle through nutrition from her lunchbox treats (fruit) to dessert (homemade chia puddings). It was inevitable that her passion for health and fitness would grow stronger as she grew older.


Transcending a career of ten years, Andrea not only runs her own successful personal training business but is also a qualified reformer pilates teacher and most recently, completed her Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine at Endeavour College of Natural Health. 


In a generation that was taught that skinny = healthy, Andrea saw many of her friends and family impacted by this harmful narrative. This course would be a turning point in her career. Fuelled by her desire to elevate the Nutrition industry and break down these harmful barriers, KYH Nutrition was created.


Through education and empowering her clients, she’s able to share how vital Nutritional Medicine is in our society and the long lasting impact it can have to enhance your life. Think of the food you’re buying - if it can sit on the shelf for a number of years, what long-term effects is it having on your body? Through our tailored and comprehensive treatment plans, we combine science and nutrition to elevate your energy levels, boost your knowledge and complement your confidence to ensure you’re feeling your best, from the inside out.

Some happy clients messages!

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