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All things PCOS


Did you know facts

Did you know PCOS is a heterogenous endocrine disorder that affect possibly one in seven women world-wide.

What is the condition

A PCOS nutritionist specialises in developing dietary strategies that can help manage the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is an endocrine disruption with excessive androgen secretion which involved insulin abnormalities


PCOS symptoms include irregular periods, acne, excess facial and body hair, hair loss, weight gain, infertility, and insulin resistance, among others


Nutrition treatment for PCOS involves maintaining a balanced diet, managing insulin levels, and reducing inflammation. Eating fibre-rich foods, healthy fats, and lean protein can also help improve symptoms.

How can KYH Nutrition help

KYH Nutrition can help through lifestyle and dietary intervention, along with appropriate supplementation from relevant blood pathology. KYH Nutrition can help treat PCOS nutritionally by providing personalized nutrition plans that focus on managing insulin levels, reducing inflammation, and promoting a balanced diet to alleviate symptoms.

Reach out now if you are wanting to seek more personalised advise and treatment

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