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Eczema Nutritionist

Did you know facts Did you know eczema affects 10-12% of the population. What is the condition? Eczema is defined as superficial inflammation of the skin, a common skin condition characterized by dry, itchy, and inflamed skin. Symptoms Eczema symptoms include dry, itchy, and inflamed skin, red or brownish-gray patches, thickened or scaly skin, small, raised bumps that may ooze, and skin that is sensitive and swollen from scratching. Symptoms can occur anywhere on the body and can vary in severity. Treatment Eczema treatment may involve the use of topical or oral medications, light therapy, and lifestyle modifications such as avoiding triggers, using gentle skincare products, and incorporating stress management techniques. Working with an eczema nutritionist to develop a personalised dietary plan can also be beneficial in managing symptoms. How can KYH Nutrition help? KYH Nutrition can help through lifestyle and dietary intervention, along with appropriate supplementation from relevant blood pathology. The focus is on identifying and eliminating triggers, incorporating anti-inflammatory foods, and promoting gut health to improve overall skin health and reduce inflammation.We would personalised a diet rich in vitamin C, iron, vitamin D, E, A & Zinc to name a few.

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