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The Nitty Gritty on Nutrition

Here at KYH Nutrition, we find that the majority of our clients have overcomplicated relationships with nutrition, but we understand! With social media and so many conflicting opinions, it can be very overwhelming and complicated with the vast array of information around diets, lifestyle tips, training - the list goes on.

What sets us apart? We focus on a whole-food diet and empowering our clients to create sustainable lifestyle changes. I’ll let you in on a little secret….eating healthy is an easy formula. If it has a used by date on it, then that’s a sometimes food. In other words, do your best to consume the foods that DO NOT have an expiry date. Load up on the vegetables, fruits and whole-foods. But, like everything in life - moderation is key. If you want to have that piece of cake or chocolate, go for it.

Another common misconception I see is that fruit isn't good for you. That it’s too full of sugars that can make us fat. I’ve seen many clients cutting out fruit from their diet to avoid this extra sugar. But is this actually true? When we look at it from another angle, if you were to choose that sugar-free chocolate over a piece of fruit is that a better choice? Often sugar-free labels are full of ingredients we don’t understand, let alone are able to pronounce. Whereas the natural sugars that come from fruit, are just as nature intended.

In simple terms, let's all focus on a whole-food diet which include benefits such as:

  1. Loaded up with vital nutrients

  2. Low in sugar, preservatives and processed ingredients

  3. Supports a healthy heart function

  4. Better for the earth and environment

  5. Rich in fibre, healthy fats and proteins

  6. Helps to manage blood sugar levels

  7. Keeps your skin glowing and good dental health

  8. Reduces triglycerides

  9. Can reduce risk of disease

  10. Helps support gut health

  11. Can improve satiety and overeating

  12. Reduces sugar cravings

Stay tuned for more information, follow KYH Nutrition on Instagram for more fun, loving healthy habits!


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