At KYH Nutrition, we like to spend quality one-on-one time with each and every client. An initial appointment runs for 90 minutes. This allows time to develop a deep understanding of what the client is presenting with and an assessment of possible contributing factors. Everything shared will be kept confidential. 

The consult will include:

  • Questions around the presenting complaint and assessment 

  • A detailed personal history both medical & family history

  • An assessment of related body systems

  • Lifestyle factor assessment like health, wellbeing and exercise habits

  • A 24 hour dietary recall assessment

  • A complimentary zinc tally test

  • Possibly blood test analysis if required 


Once we've collected all important information, our experienced clinical nutritionist will design a personalised treatment plan. This may possibly include:

  • Personalised compounds

  • Specific nutrition prescription

  • Lifestyle modifications/suggestions

  • Dietary modifications/suggestions


Every initial client will receive a thank you gift. Including KYH merchandise like KYH nutrient-rich hand cream, discount vouchers and more. 


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At KYH Nutrition, return consults are designed to track the ongoing progression of the client’s health, possibly modifying the treatment plan and refilling of the personalised compound and prescription.


We work on building and educating the client on better health choices, working together find an individual approach for which pathway is best to reach the client’s optimal health. 

Return consults frequency will be dependent on the client’s health goals. 

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The KYH Reset Program (formerly known as the Detox Program) is targeted to support the following systems/organs in the body:

Gastrointestinal tract, integumentary system, the liver, and the nervous system.

Each element plays a key role in detoxification and are a significant focus of the program.  


KYH’s four-week cleanse is designed to replenish and rebuild from the inside out.


The four weeks are targeted to: 

  • Lift your energy levels

  • Make you glow from the inside out 

  • Reinoculate your digestive system 

  • Increase your mental cognition

  • Support your liver detoxification pathways

  • Improve your sleep quality 

  • Support your skin clean 


The reset program includes:

  • One month’s worth of personalised compounds 

  • Months’ supply of probiotics

  • Months’ supply of chia seeds

  • X4 20 min appointments with the nutritionist, Andrea. Upon each appointment, you are given your new weeks supplementation 


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KYH Nutrition Skin Care Package is all about healing from the inside out. This package focuses on key nutrients that help, heal and replenish the skin.


This package includes:

  • A personalised compound of Zinc, Vitamin C and NAC

  • A gentle exfoliation glove from Biome

  • A personalised cream made of Vitamin E and Zinc to apply topically to the affected areas.

We would love to help  you build on your skin confidence!

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For anyone who needs an extra helping hand with weight loss, dietary and lifestyle changes. 


This package includes: 

  • An information booklet on a guide to weight loss

  • A month's diet diary

  • A handout on ten health habit suggestions

  • A handout on eight health snack ideas

  • A KYH 500ml drink bottle


Education and empowerment through holistic healing results in sustainable and long lasting lifestyle shifts to enable our clients to live happy lives.

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Personalised compounds are what KYH Nutrition is known for. Each and every client who walks into the clinic is completely different- so your prescription and treatment should be unique too!

We make up a compound of nutrients tailored to weight, age and related nutritional deficient signs and symptoms. 

Reach out for a personalised compound to elevate your health and wellness.

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A Zinc Tally is an efficient way to test the levels of zinc of a client. This test is done in the clinic, taking 30 seconds to complete and comes complimentary with your initial appointment. 


Zinc is related to many of our body's systems in the creation of DNA, growing your cells, building proteins, healing damaged tissue, supporting a health immune system, digestion, men’s health and more. This will assist in developing a holistic assessment and treatment plan. 

The Zinc Tally Test costs $10.

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KYH Nutrition focuses on the education of the client’s health knowledge, developing a deeper understanding of why they are experiencing certain symptoms.


Blood tests are a great way to truly understand what is going on in the internal body, how this is related to the client’s main health concern and influenced by the client’s current diet.

Blood tests help track the progress of the client's health status. 

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