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General Nutrition

Did you know?

General nutrition is a holistic approach to resolving your health concerns. It involves a comprehensive a health assessment, dietary analysis, and a personalized treatment plan comprising customized diet recommendations, lifestyle modifications, and nutrition advice tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

What is the condition?

General nutrition offers support for a range of health concerns including: allergies, thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, weight management, stress, metabolic disorders (such as diabetes), heart health, gastrointestinal issues, food allergies or intolerances, nutrient deficiencies, and overall wellness and healthy eating habits.


You may be experiencing fatigue, poor sleep, frequent colds and flu, hay fever, digestive issues, headaches, unexplained weight loss/gain, lack of appetite, skin issues, joint pain, difficulty losing weight etc


The initial nutrition consult involves a comprehensive discussion about your health concerns and thorough case history exploration to identify factors that may be contributing to your symptoms. Pathology and functional testing may be ordered in order to assess nutrient status and deepen our understanding of what is causing your symptoms. Your personalised Treatment Plan includes dietary recommendations, lifestyle suggestions and specific nutrient supplementation if required.


How can KYH help?

As a Clinical Nutritionist I can help identify the causes or drivers of your health concerns and, through individualised treatment planning, help you manage symptoms and support you along your path back to wellness.

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